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Do you need a coronavirus entry pass for access to a festival or for a trip abroad?
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With this app, you are able to prove you've been vaccinated, you’ve had corona or that you’ve recently tested negative for corona. You can use CoronaCheck to get access to certain places. And to travel to other countries.

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Certificate for travel

Going abroad without a corona vaccine? With a negative test result you can still travel.


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Booster vaccination

If you like to know more about coronavirus testing or would you like to get vaccinated against the coronavirus? Make an appointment online.

More about vaccination

More about corona

This website will explain you everything about the coronavirus. It will tell you what to do and what not to do. This way, you can make sure that you and others don't get sick.

Videos with explanation

CoronaMelder app

Download the CoronaMelder app to help detect infections faster and stop the coronavirus from spreading – even if you have been vaccinated. So far, more than 247,885 people who have tested positive have used the CoronaMelder app to warn others, helping to stop the spread.

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Video about CoronaMelder

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Coronamelder helpdesk

Do you still have questions? Come to the library: we will help you further.
It is free. You do not have to be a member of the library.


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Arranging things with the government is increasingly done on the computer via the Internet. For example, applying for health care benefits, looking for a job, looking for a home, renewing a driver's license, or making an appointment with the municipality. Many people still find this difficult. Do you want to arrange something via the computer and could you use some help? Come by, we will help you or refer you to the right organization.

You can also contact the Digital Government Information Point for questions about making an appointment for the corona vaccine or about the coronavirus entry pass.

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