Story and craft time...

The Reading Pier will tell stories in English. In the morning for children up to 4 years old, in the afternoon also for children from 4 years old.

The agenda


Bring your baby or toddler to the library and pick up a free ‘Boekstart’ case for them. Childrens memberships are free.




The youth section has an extensive collection of books: picture books, first books for learning to read and challenging books for the advanced reader. There are also interesting magazines.


Internationale Children’s Book Collection

In collaboration with The Reading Pier, the library sourced a wide range of English language children’s books.

In addition, the library has an international collection in collaboration with the Heritage Language Education Network. The collection offers a wide variety of languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, French, Italian, Persian, Polish, Romanian and Ukranian children’s books.

In 2022 the collection will be expanded with Indian, Korean, Turkish and Spanish children’s books.




Enjoy reading!

How to read to babies

Children and the use of media

Interactive reading


Reading in the Heritage Language

International Children's Book Collection

The Eindhoven Library's International Children's Book Collection now holds 500 Italian books, courtesy of Eindhoven Italian School "La Lampadina." Library cards are free for children aged 0 to 18.



Read to children

Why read to children? In this first of a series of short videos from Eindhoven Italian School "La Lampadina," parents can be inspired to explore the joys of reading with their children in the heritage language. 

Read to peuters

Read to kleuters

Read to onderbouw

Read to bovenbouw


Tips and tricks for multilingual families

Especially for you, as a non-native parent with children going to school in Eindhoven, we made this overview.

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