Frequently Asked Questions


Can I apply for a membership online?

  • You can via our website. There are three different memberships you can choose from: Budget, Comfort and Deluxe.

What do I need to take with me when I collect my library card?

  •  You need to bring proof of identity: a passport, driving license, ID card, or similar.

I’ve lost my library card. What do I do now?

  • It’s best to report loss or theft straight away, so that we can block the card to prevent abuse. We can issue you a new card at our service desk; there will be an administration fee.

Can I have two library cards?

•    You can request a ‘partner card’ if you have a Comfort or Deluxe membership.
•    With a Comfort membership, a partner card costs €5.
•    With a Deluxe membership, a partner card is free of charge.
•    It is not possible to obtain a partner card with a Budget membership.

How do I renew my membership?

•    If you pay by direct debit, your membership will be renewed automatically.
•    If you pay by invoice, you will receive a renewal invoice 4 to 6 weeks prior to the expiry date of your membership.  

Is it true that children can become library members for free?

  • Anyone under the age of 18 can become a library member for free.
  • Babies and toddlers receive a free starters suitcase, filled with soft books and other library related items.
  • Primary school children are entitled to a regular library card besides their school library card.

How do I renew a children’s membership?

Applicable to our (free) children’s and youth memberships:

  • Memberships can be renewed in the library at the service desk.
  • It’s also possible to renew a membership by sending an email to klantenservice@bibliotheekeindhoven.nl. The e-mail should include all relevant information (name, address, telephone number and membership/library card number).
  • You can also call us on 040 260 42 60.

How can I apply for a school library card for my child?

  • All primary school children automatically receive a school library card, via the school they go to.
  • Preschool children that go to a kindergarten or playgroup, can request a school library card, via the link below.  

Requesting a school library card

What’s a ‘Guest Card’?

  • If you’re a member of another library, but you’d like to borrow from Eindhoven Library as well, you can ask for a Guest Card. A Guest Card is free of charge, and gives you all the advantages of a Comfort membership.

Can I borrow e-books on a ‘Partner Card’?

  • You can't borrow e-books on a partner card.

Is there a discount for students?

  • No there is no discount.

How should I report my change of address?

  • Please inform us of any changes by sending an email to klantenservice.

How can I check the direct debit on my membership?

  • You can check this via our website www.bibliotheekeindhoven.nl. Log in to 'Mijn gegevens’ and go to ‘Passaldo’, then ‘Betaalregels niet gerelateerd aan een pasje’ and click ‘details’. Here you can see which periods have already been debited.
  • Your bank statement won’t specify for which period the debit has been made.  

How do I cancel my membership?

‘No fines’ policy.

Eindhoven Library offers three new types of membership. Something for everyone! And we’ve introduced a no fines policy, and lengthened the loan periods. So, for the price of a couple of books, you can now enjoy unlimited access to an extensive collection, the whole year through.

Are you already a member of Eindhoven Library? From now on you can benefit from all the advantages the new memberships offer. Are you not yet a member? Don’t hesitate to come along and join. We hope to welcome you soon to Eindhoven Library.

Does the no fines policy cover all items borrowed?

  • Our no fines policy applies to all items borrowed after November 12th 2016, from either Eindhoven Library or Waalre Library.

I have an outstanding fine on my card, for items borrowed before November 12th 2016. Do I still have to pay this?

  • You still have to pay outstanding fines.

As there are no fines, do I still need to return borrowed items on time?

  • Borrowed items should still be returned on time, so that other members can borrow them. If you don’t return items on time, we’ll send you a reminder with a request to do so.

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For further questions and information you can now send us an app, during opening hours, on 06 1371 95 94. Alternatively, you can call us on 040 260 42 60, or send a mail to: klantenservice@bibliotheekeindhoven.nl


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